Avior Group is a proud partner for the following:

QuantumSix’s RoSS Model™
The RoSS (Return on Six Sigma) Model™ is a financial
tracking and reconciliation process that enhances
the project governance and financial validation system for any Lean Six Sigma or Business process improvement initiative. Avior Group is a certified partner with Quantum Six’s RoSS Model™

For more info visit: quantumsix.com

Mobile Black Belt
We added Mobile Black Belt as a resource to analyze data using the latest in Mobile applications.

For more info visit: mobileblackbelt.com

Lean Multiplier Strategies
Lean Multiplier Strategies resources have extensive background and state of the art knowledge of the Toyota Production system and Lean principles. LMS is an Associate Partner of Avior Group and we align our capabilities to provide maximum benefits to the
clients we serve.

For more info visit: lmscg.com

Creative Leadership Group
Creative Leadership Group is a team of experienced consulting coaches led by a former Disney Executive
who assess and provide guidance for organizations
to develop the highest form of internal and external service and team performance. They are very
skilled at providing a strong cultural foundation
for Lean Six Sigma deployments.

For more info visit: creativeleadershipgroup.com