Everyone likes to win – however, there are times when you need that secret weapon that gives you a competitive advantage and enables you to accelerate measureable results.  Avior Group can supply you that extra horsepower.  Whether the necessary expertise simply doesn’t exist internally, or that people are stretched so thin that there is no one available to pull from the operation and assign to a key project,  Avior Group can supply you that experienced MBB resource that can assess issues rapidly and work with your team to solve the problem for the last time.  Here are some specific examples:

  1. Large healthcare organization with new deployment needed a skilled MBB
    resource to solve several organization-wide problems worth over $800k / year. 

  2. Manufacturing company has battled several key quality problems over the years with little success.  The Avior Group MBB with a background in the processes was able to solve these tough problems saving nearly $1,000,000 a year.

  3. Consumer Products Company was starting a Design for Six Sigma initiative and needed a skilled MBB to support key, high profile design projects as a means to not only accelerate results, but create “wins” that could be shared across business units.

  4. Healthcare organization had a large IT project within their revenue cycle in order to reconcile charges and payments more efficiently. An Avior Group MBB was selected to aid them as a program manager and keep the team/vendor on task to meet the desired objectives and support Patient Financial Services with their Value Stream opportunities.

  5. Large retail grocery chain had a growing deployment and needed skilled MBB resources to mentor and coach Black Belts through projects.

Some of the industries where our MBB’s have made a quantifiable impact: Healthcare (Hospitals and Clinics), Healthcare Diagnostic equipment, Financial Institutions including Banks, Manufacturing, Consumer Product Companies, Pharmaceutical,  Aerospace, Retail, Energy, Public Schools, and Automotive.

Whether you have a specific problem to be solved right away or a general need to improve your business processes, our Master Black Belts can fill in the gaps and accelerate measureable results.