In today's fast moving business world organizations are challenged to adapt rapidly, utilize their resources efficiently and accelerate measurable results. Consultants can
be a valuable resource to help you achieve the next level of business performance
and choosing a consulting company to help you along this business transformation
journey is a crucial decision point.

Avior Group would like to take this chance to explain what separates them from
the multitude of consultancy choices.


At Avior Group, we understand that you may already be on your business transformation journey and need some focused expertise in specific areas like project selection, training, large project execution, etc.

Conversely, your transformation may be in its infancy and require more strategic assistance as well as setting up an Continuous Improvement, BPM or Operational Excellence deployment structure.  We have deep experience in both roles and believe that our involvement should be a seamless integration of our strengths and capabilities with yours focused on the best outcome for you.


Customized Approach
Years ago, a standard Lean 6-Sigma deployment model was utilized at hundreds of companies with little variation.  It worked extremely well, but produced a delayed benefits profile - big investment up front with savings that began 8-12 months after start.  Avior Groups approach today is entirely different.  We look at your specific business challenges and design an offering that is tailored specifically for your organization.  It attacks the most pressing issues first that provide immediate savings and impact, and layers in infrastructure and skill development at the right time.


Deep Deployment Experience
Deploying Lean 6-Sigma and Design for Six Sigma is not a small undertaking.  Companies that do it wrong often struggle which can produce frustrated employees, fractured organizations, and ultimately the feeling that "it just doesn't work at our company".  Avior Group understands the deployment landscape and the time necessary to understand the organizations strengths and weaknesses.  We understand that a service company like Healthcare, is different than a product company and the deployment strategy and tactics must be congruent with each business.


Talent and Experience
Avior Group has the distinct advantage of being able to offer some of the most experienced people in business transformations.

Some consultancies will send you an army of spreadsheet jockeys - our model is different.  We believe in the value of experience.  A few grey hairs (or no hair) is not only an indicator of age, but mark of experience.  Avior Group associates have lived through the challenges that businesses face today.  They can roll their sleeves up and get dirty one minute, and be prepared to interface with senior management the next.