Business Process Management

Let’s start with the fundamentals, what is a Business Process?

“A business process is the complete set of end to end activities required to complete a transaction within an organization that ultimately provides value to a customer.”

Business Process Management includes all facets and capabilities of the organization to deliver value to the customer, including the design, execution of, automation, overall management, and the process improvement methods utilized with the infrastructure to enhance the processes and systems continuously based on market conditions”.

There are typically 5 steps in the BPM process circle, Design, Model & test, Execution, Monitoring and Optimization.

The Avior Group team can assist with aligning your Mission, Vision and Strategy… typically using an assessment tool, to characterize your current state and tailor a plan specifically for your industry, market and target customers.

To learn more about our Business Process Management offerings, go to the “Secret Weapon” an Avior Group MBB or view our Assessment video for additional information on how we can assist with your BPM strategy.

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