Design for Six Sigma

If you have a process improvement team in place and have success with the program you may want to include looking at your process and product designs, which in many cases is the result of inadequacies in the design process.

During the design process is where key decisions are made often not understanding the far reaching impact of them on what is most important to the various customer groups (External & Internal). Additionally, customer needs and wants are typically not fully understood and flowed down into the design. The result is a product, process or service that does not “excite” the customer and subsequently can lead to loss of revenue, and eventually market share…

Avior Group has designed a program that is not just for engineers or product designers; because everyone is an engineer at some point! Some of the poorest, most defect ridden processes were haphazardly put together because the individuals involved didn’t realize they were designing! Avior Groups one week Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) program is targeted towards people that have been through at least Green Belt Training and have the need to design or redesign processes, products and services.

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